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Join the Lab

Our current vacancies are listed below. We are, however, always looking for driven, creative and committed young scientists of various backgrounds to join our team and discover the wonders of Archaea. We believe that diversity is an asset in our laboratory and encourage scientists of different backgrounds to apply.

If you wish to join the Bisson Lab or are curious to know more about us, please follow the instructions below or drop a line to



We have no open positions for undergraduate students at this time.


Ph.D Students

Candidates for graduate study should apply through the Brandeis Division of Science Programs. All programs allow graduate students to rotate through multiple labs in the first year before selecting a lab.


Postdoctoral Fellows

We are currently seeking postdoctoral fellows to join our lab.

Please submit the following directly to Alex (

  • Cover letter:  describe past research experience and motivation for applying to our lab (no more than 2 pages)

  • Proposed research: description of proposed research for your postdoc in our lab (1 page)

  • Most relevant published papers and pre-prints: for each publication, provide short description clearly explaining your contribution, its importance for your training and for the field

  • References: Names and contact information (3 or more)

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