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Here is a list of our papers in the past 5 years. Click here for a complete list.

Curtis, Z., Escudeiro, P. Mallon, J., Leland, O., Rados, T.,  Dodge, A., Andre, K., Kwak, J., Yun, K., Pohlschroder, M., Alva, V., Bisson, A. (2024). Halofilins as Emerging Bactofilin Families of Archaeal Cell Shape Plasticity Orchestrators. bioRxiv.

Zheng, J., Mallon, J., Lammers, A., Rados, T., Litschel, T., Moody, E.R.R., Ramirez-Diaz, D.A., Schmid, A., Williams, T.A., Bisson-Filho, A.W., Garner, E.,  (2023). Salactin, a dynamically unstable actin homolog in Haloarchaea. mBio.


Rados, T., Andre, K., Cerletti, M., Bisson, A., (2023). A sweet new set of inducible and constitutive promoters in Haloferax volcanii. Front. Microbiol.

Sarabipour, S. Niemi, N.M., Burgess, S.J., Smith, C.T., Bisson-Filho, A.W., Ibrahim, A., Clark, K. (2023). Insights from a survey of mentorship experiences by graduate and postdoctoral researchers. bioRxiv.

Schiller, H., Kouassi, J., Hong, Y.,  Rados, T., Kwak, J., DiLucido, A., Safer, D., Marchfelder, A., Pfeiffer, F., Bisson-Filho, A., Schulze, S., Pohlschroder, M. (2023), Identification and characterization of structural and regulatory cell-shape determinants in Haloferax volcanii. bioRxiv.

Sarabipour, S., Niemi, N.M., Burgess, S.J., Smith, C.T., Bisson-Filho, A.W., Ibrahim, A., Clark, K. (2022), The faculty-to-faculty mentorship experience: a survey on challenges and recommendations for improvements. bioRxiv.

Darnell, C.L., Zheng, J., Wilson, S., Bertoli, R.M., Bisson-Filho, A.W., Garner, E.C., Schmid, A.K. (2020), The Ribbon-Helix-Helix Domain Protein CdrS Regulates the Tubulin Homolog ftsZ2 To Control Cell Division in Archaea. MBio.

Darnell 2020.gif
Fernandes 2020.jpg

Fernandes, J.D., Sarabipour, S., Smith, C.T., Niemi, N.M., Jadavji, N.M., Kozik, A.J., Holehouse, A.S., Pejaver, V., Symmons, O., Bisson-Filho, A.W., Haage, A. (2020), A survey-based analysis of the academic job market. ELife.

Abdul-Halim 2020.gif

Abdul-Halim, M.F., Schulze, S., DiLucido, A., Pfeiffer, F., Bisson-Filho, A.W.*, Pohlschroder, M*. (2020), Lipid Anchoring of Archaeosortase Substrates and Midcell Growth in Haloarchaea. MBio.

*Corresponding authors

Schiller 2020.gif

Schiller, H., Schulze, S., Mutan, Z., Vaulx, C., Runcie, C., Schwartz, J., Rados, T., Bisson-Filho, A.W., Pohlschroder, M. (2020), Haloferax volcanii immersed liquid biofilms develop independently of known biofilm machineries and exhibit rapid honeycomb pattern formation. mSphere.

Davis, J., Bisson-Filho, A.W., Kadyrov, D., De Kort, T.M., Biamonte, M.T., Thattai, M., Thutupalli, S., Church, G.M. (2020), In vivo multi-dimensional information-keeping in Halobacterium salinarum. BioRxiv. (Science news article about our preprint here)

Davis 2020.jpg

Walsh, J. C., Angstmann, C. N., Bisson‐Filho, A. W., Garner, E. C., Duggin, I. G. and Curmi, P. M. (2019), Division plane placement in pleomorphic archaea is dynamically coupled to cell shape. Mol Microbiol. (Small Things Considered article about out paper here)

Alexandre W. Bisson-Filho, Jenny Zheng, and Ethan Garner. (2018), Archaeal imaging: leading the hunt for new discoveries. Molecular Biology of the Cell 2018 29:14, 1675-1681.


Saman Hussain, Carl N Wivagg, Piotr Szwedziak, Felix Wong, Kaitlin Schaefer, Thierry Izoré, Lars D Renner, Matthew J Holmes, Yingjie Sun, Alexandre W Bisson-Filho, Suzanne Walker, Ariel Amir, Jan Löwe, Ethan C Garner. (2018), MreB filaments align along greatest principal membrane curvature to orient cell wall synthesis. eLife 2018;7:e32471.

Alexandre W Bisson-Filho, Yen-Pang Hsu, Georgia R Squyres, Erkin Kuru, Fabai Wu, Calum Jukes, Yingjie Sun, Cees Dekker, Seamus Holden, Michael S VanNieuwenhze, Yves V Brun, Ethan C Garner. (2017), Treadmilling by FtsZ filaments drives peptidoglycan synthesis and bacterial cell division. Science. 355(6326):739-743.


Diego Emiliano Sastre, Alexandre Bisson‐Filho, Diego de Mendoza, Frederico J Gueiros‐Filho. (2016), Revisiting the cell biology of the acyl‐ACP:phosphate transacylase PlsX suggests that the phospholipid synthesis and cell division machineries are not coupled in Bacillus subtilis. Molecular Microbiology, 100: 621-634.

Alexandre W Bisson-Filho, Karen F Discola, Patrícia Castellen, Valdir Blasios, Alexandre Martins, Maurício L Sforça, Wanius Garcia, Ana Carolina M Zeri, Harold P Erickson, Andréa Dessen, Frederico J Gueiros-Filho. (2015), FtsZ filament capping by MciZ, a developmental regulator of bacterial division. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Apr 2015, 112 (17) E2130-E2138; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1414242112.


Diorge P Souza, Gabriel U Oka, Cristina E Alvarez-Martinez, Alexandre W Bisson-Filho, German Dunger, Lise Hobeika, Nayara S Cavalcante, Marcos C Alegria, Leandro RS Barbosa, Roberto K Salinas, Cristiane R Guzzo, Chuck S Farah. (2015), Bacterial killing via a type IV secretion system. Nature Communications volume 6, Article number: 6453.

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