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The Bisson Lab in Action

The Bisson Lab as of February 2023. Jasmin Kwak, Micaela Cerletti, Olivia Leland, Ashley Dodge, Theopi Rados, Alex Bisson, McKenna Walsh, Zach Curtis, Zhantao Du, and John Mallon.

The lab says goodbye to Steven! He will be missed.

The Bisson Lab as of August 2022. Theopi Rados, Lauren Rifas, Micaela Cerletti, Olivia Leland, John Mallon, Jasmin Kwak, Zachary Curtis, Alex Bisson (the boss), Sam Shuster, Izzy Andrus, McKenna Walsh, Tyler Postal, Steven Bruckbauer, Zhantao Du, and Ashley Dodge in tube form.

The Bisson Lab undergraduate researchers take SciFest 2022 by storm. (left to right) McKenna Walsh, Tyler Postal, and Sam Shuster.

The Bisson Lab spending a late night working on our CRISPRi library. 

Hackathon 2022

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