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Science and art

Science and art make use of very different methods to accomplish their goals. science pushes the boundaries of knowledge with the most objective tools it can find and create. Nevertheless, both art and science originate from our need to understand the world around us and to explore our innate curiosity about reality. We as human beings don't pursue scientific knowledge primarily to cure diseases or come up with the latest internet technology. We happily embrace all advances science brings us knowing these are welcome consequences. However, the fundamental reason to do science is to satisfy our intellectual desire to explain our observations and imaginations.


With that in mind, we are confident that science can also learn with the artistic creativity process. In the Bisson lab, we envision to establish collaborations with art students and professionals in the development of new forms of expressing science. We are interested in sponsor new ideas in graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, plastic arts within our group, seeking communicating our scientific ideas to other scientists or to increase scientific awareness in the community. We want to use our infrastructure to create and have fun while learning new ways to speed up our scientific enterprise.


If you are a motivated undergraduate student in the fine arts or just have exciting ideas how to synergize art and science, please contact Alex directly at bisson at brandeis dot edu. There are already ongoing projects that we would love to insert you, but we are also excited to discuss new ideas and directions.

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