• September 2020 - Bisson Lab is awarded the Moore-Simons Project on the Origin of the Eukaryotic Cell, together with our collaborators Buzz Baum (MRC-LMB), Anja Spang (NIOZ), Laura Villanueva (NIOZ), and Sergey Ovchinnikov (Harvard). We will study cell-cell interaction among diverse archaeal species. More microscopes to archaeal cell biologists!

  • August 2020 - NSF MRSEC awarded to Brandeis (Bisson Lab included) to study emergent bioinspired materials (more info).

  • June 2020 - John joins the Bisson Lab as a postdoc fellow.

  • March 2020 - Nathan joins the lab for his Senior thesis.

  • November 2019 - Theopi joins the Bisson lab! Our undergrads Isha and Susan join the Bisson Lab. 

  • September 2019 - Bisson Lab website is online!

  • May 2019 - Alex accepted the offer from Brandeis University and will join the Biology Department this fall as Assistant Professor! The Bisson Lab is born!